Our Rooms


Deluxe Room

With deluxe bath
26.030 kr / per night

Double Room

With shared bath
19.810 kr / per night

Double Room

With private bathroom
23.990 kr / per night

Family Room

With private bath, 4 Person
34.090 kr / per night

Family Room

With private bath, 5-6 Person
40.310 kr / per night


With private bath
24.910 kr / per night


With private bath
16.750 kr / per night

Studio Apartment

With private bathroom
34.000 kr / per night

Blue House

With two bathrooms
75.000 kr / per night

Hotel Features

Free WiFi

Free Coffee

Free Car Parking



Smoke Free Rooms

In Vatnsholt we pride our selves in laying special emphasis on Icelandic cultural characteristics, closeness to the countryside, nature and wild life, let alone our personal albeit informal and warm touch. The management and staff are looking forward to welcoming you to Vatnsholt.


Hotel Restaurant

Our restaurant and its adjacent catering- and facility rooms occupy the old quarters in which the long gone Vatnsholt farm hey- & cow-barn used to be, both of which have been carefully converted into an exquisite cathedral ceiling open space eatery and bar – beautifully designed with capacity up to 300 guests. These are three separated rooms, two of which (the smaller rooms) can be opened up and turned into one adjoining room for up to 80 guests.

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Blind Raven

Blind Raven is a dark restaurant, meaning there is no light. The guests do not see the food they are enjoying. The basic concept is that the removal of vision enhances the other senses and increases gastronomic pleasure. Since 1999 such restaurants have opened in many parts of the world. At Blind Raven, you will experience the exquisite Icelandic Cuisine and your favorite food in a different light or actually no light at all!

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About Us

We are husband and wife Jóhann Helgi Hlöðversson and Margrét Ormsdóttir. In 2005 we bought Vatnsholt farm and moved here with our children. The farm needed a lot of work, so we immediately started renovations and rebuilding. In late 2008 came a huge setback with the financial crisis that hit Iceland hard. We were forced to slow down the rebuild due to these difficulties. With hard work and dedication, we opened Vatnsholt guesthouse in 2010. At that time, we had 14 rooms but today they have expanded to 34 rooms and a restaurant that can accommodate up to 300 guests.
Vatnsholt guesthouse is our passion and we look at every guest that stays with us as part of our family. We are honored you choose our guesthouse when traveling around our beautiful country and hope you enjoy your stay with us.
This video shows the changes that have taken place at Vatnsholt since we came here.



Vatnsholt is surrounded by the magnificent Icelandic nature which guests can easily explore. We, the owners have a reputation for being nature- and animal lovers. For years we have kept a small collection of domesticated animals which our guests have lovingly called Lilliputian Zoo.

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Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a spectacular natural occurrence which appears in the dark sky from September to April near the Earth’s poles around the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. This surreal phenomenon can light up the night sky and take on breathtaking shapes and colors to the awe and wonder of those who are lucky enough to witness it.

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Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers feel at home in Southern Iceland. Not only does the southern region have amazing places to visit but a lot of activities as well. These activities include river rafting, hiking, fishing, climbing, horseback riding and many more.

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Where Are We

Vatnsholt Guesthouse is located in Southern Iceland, surrounded by the beauty of Icelandic nature. The official address is Vatnsholt 2, 801 Selfoss.

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Vatnsholt 2, 801 Selfoss, Iceland.


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