Vatnsholt has gained wide popularity as an ideal romantic location for country side weddings, quite evedent in advanced bookings (in the year 2015 alone we are already preparing for over twenty weddings).
Our restaurant and its adjacent catering- and facility rooms occupy the old quarters in which the long gone Vatnsholt farm hey- & cow-barn used to be, both of which have been carefully converted into an exquisite cathedral cealing open space eatery and bar – beautifully designed with capacity up to 300 guests. These are three separated rooms, two of which (the smaller rooms) can be opened up and turned into one adjoining room for up to 80 guests.
For parties we offer both table service and traditional buffet.
Our chefs serve high quality fresh seasonal produce which is sourced within a 20 mile radius wherever possible, meals are cooked simply, using only the finest ingredients, local game, fish and meats, not to mention our acclaimed home raised beef (our cattle are only fed fruit and vegetables) served in a relaxed, unhurried style. We also have a variety of vegetarian options and are able to cater for any special dietary needs upon request. The Vatnsholt restaurant has received high praise from guests from all over the world and is open all year round.
We lay emphasise on being flexible in all our services and we pride ourselves in taking the time to ensure our clients wishes and needs are fulfilled.
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