All Creatures Great and Small
We the owners at Vatnsholt have a reputation for being nature- and animal lovers. For years we have nurtured a small herd of domesticated animals, kindly dubbed by our guests as the Lilliputian Zoo. Over the years our ‘zoo’ has enjoyed the grand company of trained ravens that speak, dancing goats, several different kind of dogs, foxes, cats, chickens, turkeys, pigeons, pigs and horses.

Horses winter 2014 Dúfu ungi 1 Dúfu ungi Einar og Krumma Fiona Hestar Jói og Krumma Krumma 1 Krumma Litlu hundarnir Magga og Krumma Móri 1 Móri Jóla Móri Pabbi og Fiona Pæja Sigurbjörn og Krumma TinniFiona litil hanur lítilkisi&hanur